Do you have a true spooky tale to tell?
If so, submit your story to me and you could be the 2006 'Spooky Story Submission' winner!

1.  Story must not be over 500 words. You will not  
      be judged by how many words you have but
      SOLELY for the story content.
2.  This must be something that you have exper-
      ienced yourself and must be SPOOKY or CREEPY.
3.  Something of the unexplained, supernatural or
      poltergeist nature.
4.  Story must be submitted by midnight Oct. 30/06
      to be eligible to win and be displayed in the Library
5.  Winner will be notified Nov.1/06. All submissions
      will be read however only ONE winner will be
      picked. Please make sure you have typed
      "copyright" with your name on the bottom of your
6.  Stories which are sent will not be returned but will
      also not be on public display on my site or any
      other site that I have.
7.  There will also be a prize of some kind of      
halloween prop which will be
mailed to you.
8. This contest is open to ages 16 and under.

The winner will have a permanent place on
"Macabre Manor's Bookshelf"
with their website or story title on a book there and name. There will also be a link back to your site, should you have one.
You will have your story displayed in 'the Wunderkammer Library' for one full year with credit to you.
An award for an outstanding story will be given to the winner as well as a halloween prop prize which will be mailed out.
Submit to


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